Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Silent Stone Wall

I took my camera with me today when I walked down the long drive to the mailbox. I have wanted to take some photos of the stone wall that borders the property here.

I have always marvelled at the many stone walls that criss cross New England. I wonder--when were they built? Who built them? How were the stones gathered? Were they put there simply to divide property, or to separate orchards from pine groves, as is suggested in the famous Frost verse.

I am sure mine is fairly new--stone walls have gone from a thing of necessity to a thing of style. In any case, I am not sure I care that it might not have been built when Hebron was all cow pastures and farmland.

I am simply happy to have one of my own.

And I am glad to watch it bear it's silent witness every day.

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Jill said...

thanks for the great laugh today. i loved your comment. :)