Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Hearts

James and I made these Valentine people the other day--I remembered doing them when I was little and he loved it. Yesterday he made Mommy and Daddy and today he is making James and Ella.

This morning he asked if we could all sing Happy Birthday to the "Happy Hearts," which of course we did. Then he said "Daddy's needs a birthday hat!"

On another note--I have found that my posts either are mostly about the kids and their progress and what we are up to as a family, or they are personal reflections about things that interest me.

Now that I am leaving my job, I will have a little more time on my hands to follow my creative interests. So, I have started a new blog that is a place for me to reflect on the little things that bring me happiness.

You can read it here.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Redhead in Vegas said...

We just finished making the same little guys this morning. Ryan was less than thrilled and screamed the whole time because the TV was off, Do you think that maybe I let her watch too much tv? LOL! I mean come on, does watching the same 3 episodes of Elmo's World ever get old?

So, is it Chris's birthday or is James just having fun? I love his little underwear ( in a non-sicko kind of way)
Happy Birthday, Happy Hearts!