Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, let's start with this little gem of a photo Chris took yesterday.

Yes, folks, Ella's eyes are STILL BLUE. I am amazed. I think the combo of fair skin, brown hair and blue eyes is just perfect. And look at my boy. Those huge, dark eyes and those crazy eyelashes. Is it possible to just be so completely enamored with your babies that you can't breathe???? I'm there.

Ella can roll over from front to back and from back to front. She is getting close to sitting up by herself, and will stand really well if you hold her. She is also getting her two front bottom teeth! James' didn't come in until he was about a year old!

Okay, on to the house.

We are getting there--slowly!

We actually hung some artwork this weekend. I always loved this print with the oranges and I was glad to find just the right spot for it in our dining room.

The vintage braided rug that my parents gave me for my birthday is now in the kitchen, as is the wall clock we received as a housewarming gift (our last house) from Gini and Bill.

My old deacon's bench is also in the kitchen, but once I get a buffet or Hoosier cabinet (for my badly needed storage space) it will be moving to a wall in the dining room. I just love the light coming in from the window.

And here is a sneak peek in the family room. I couldn't get my flash to work, so the photo is pretty dark, but you get the idea. I have envisioned this bookcase filled with my beloved hardcover collection of fiction--but it is most likely going to be continued to be utilized as crafting supply / toy storage space.

Did you see my little Gino? Isn't he beautiful?

In another week we should be just about finished. I laugh thinking about this process of moving in. Pre-kids I would have been done organizing and decorating in about 48 hours.

Times change--and for the better!


Liz said...

I am the same way... I can't stand a mess. Or clutter. Or disorganization. Did you know that some people don't even pick up their toys at the end of each day, they take a "why bother, they'll be all over the place again tomorrow?"-approach to it.
I would not be able to sleep.
Anyway - the house looks awesome, can't wait to come by for coffee. :)

Gini said...

I'm sure you are glad it is all coming together, albeit slow. Always loved that clock - with all the walls in this house, I don't have any room for a nice big one like that....or even a small one for that matter.

Kim said...

Good for you for decorating - I still have stuff I haven't put up yet and we've been here 3 years!

Liz, I always thought I'd be that way, but I'm finding I sleep just fine if there are toys scattered about!