Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Things Everyday

I guess I was never prepared for how much joy having a child would bring into my life. I know I gush about James on this blog (It is the main reason I have it)--but it is just such a miracle to me to have him in my life. I watch him with his father and I am overcome with love.

Last night we were over at Gini's and James was up really late. He fell asleep on Chris' shoulder, something he hasn't done since he was probably a year old--and it was precious to see.

I am amazed at how fast he is learning, how fast his development is, and that he shares a new discovery with us everyday. James' Auntie Erica is in town from Connecticut, and she says that with her 11-year-old daughter Jenna, it is still the same.

For instance, James has been saying "Thank you" for about six months now. He says it after you give him a drink, after you buckle him in his chair, after you hand him a toy, after the check out lady at the grocery store hands him our receipt, you name it, he says it. All of a sudden now he has paired it with "You're welcome." It is adorable--"Thank you, your'e welcome!"

We were in the car the other day and he started counting to ten--IN SPANISH. Uhh . . hello!!??? Did he learn that on Sesame Street?

He knows all of the Thomas the Tank Engine train names, which I don't really understand because he doesn't watch much tv, so where did he learn it? The other night he said "Mickey Mouse." I said "WHO???" and he said "MICKEY MOUSE!" We haven't watched that either--so I just don't know where he learned it.

Yesterday I found him laying on the couch, practically nose-to-nose with Henry, who was sleeping. James was petting him and saying "Are you sleepy?" which is what I ask him before naps and bedtime. I would never have thought that a 23-month-old could model behavior like that.

I only wish that I had unlimited cash, vacation time and Hertz miles so that I could head to Maine every weekend and share James with his grandparents. I try so hard to depict his personality on this blog, but I know I can't get anywhere close to the real thing. James brought me the phone yesterday and said "Hello?" so I had him call his Grandma, (who he calls Ma-maw) and he had a nice talk with her, saying "I love you." I only wish he could do it in person!


Kim said...

They really are a wonder...As much as they rely on you, it's amazing the things they learn or pick up all on their own.

Stephanie said...

I know how hard it is to be away from the grandparents.

They are amazing, aren't they?

Gini said...

There is no doubt about it. He is a very sweet little boy and it shows in everything he says and does. Love him.

Erica said...

Auntie Erica taught him You're Welcome!!! yippee, you go James!!! love those big brown eyes!! so glad I got to see them in person!! Love ya!