Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - Sunday

All aboard!

We took James to ride a REAL TRAIN on Saturday! The Southern Nevada Railway has a station in Boulder City, so we headed on out to give James his first real train experience. This train is pretty neat because it was the line that brought all of the materials for the construction of the Hoover Dam.

Here is Chris buying our tickets from "Grandpa Carl," the station master. He told us to call him that, and gave us a great recommendation for ice cream after the ride (which of course we took him up on!)

Here is James taking a look at the train.

All of the staff are volunteers with the Nevada Department of History Museums. These two guys were the ticket takers. Look at their great uniforms!

Need I mention that James said "Choo-choo" about a thousand times during the 45-minute trip?

I think we pretty much made his day. Nice hat, too, eh? He got it from his Grandma in Maine!

After we got off the train, I asked the Engineer if we could take his picture with James. He swooped him right up for this shot! (He looks a little grumpy, but he was GREAT!)

He was so great, that he took James and Chris to the engine for a private sneak peek!!!!

Not sure who is more excited about this, Chris or James . . .

James even got to blow the whistle and ring the bell all by himself!

When I was a little girl there was a train that used to go by our house in Topsham, Maine. I remember that the Engineer would throw candy to us out the window of the locomotive when he went by.

Next we stopped to look at all of the trains in the yard.

This one was a real steam engine!

After a stop at the Southwest Diner in Boulder City for ice cream sundaes, we headed home. James had a great time, and again, was completely worn out from the experience. Can you tell?

If you are ever in town and in the mood for a good, old-fashioned train raide, I would definietly take a ride on the Nevada Southern Railway. Adult rides are $8, Kids 10 to 2 are $4, and kids under 2 are free. (And according to Grandpa Carl, we can neak James in at the under 2 rate for a while longer!!!)

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Kim said...

Looks like a fun time for both little boys!

Gini said...

uhhh...I think Chris was more excited about seeing the engine..

Redhead in Vegas said...

it looks like both of them had a great time. what a fun idea.

carolyn said...

Trains are just so exciting when you are as young as James, I'm guessing Thomas the Tank Engine is a favourite, actually the writer lived near us.

Kim said...

that is great!! my kids would love that!!

by the way, I actually did a painting that matches the bedding you want!! Go to the site, look under simpatico and it is the one that says callie. It was super cute in person. I would do a couple of things different if I were to do it again. You will have to let me know if you do decide on one!

Jackie said...

Okay, I've decided that I love your blog! So much so, that I started my own. Think of it as a.. rescue mommy blog!