Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend-Saturday

On Saturday we headed over to Mel and Gene's for a little cookout. The weather was beautiful, cool, breezy--almost sweatshirt weather (which is a nice break from the unseasonably warm 100 degree+ temps of last week.)

Here is James in their backyard with a cup of chips (which I think is all he ate the entire afternoon.) Doesn't he look like he is saying "Aww, com'on Mom! Put that camera AWAY!!!"

Neighbors Kim and Gary came over with their son Matthew and daughter Brooke. James LOVED Brooke (and who wouldn't??) They were inseparable during the party. She is just about a year older than James. And being that she is a little sister, she adored having a little guy following her around.

"Hey, got anything good in your chip cup??"

James spent a lot of the time running around Gene and Mel's lush backyard, pointing out flowers, trees, and plants of all kinds.

Here he is all happy and smiley, which was about a 1/2 hour before his first melt-down from hell. At which time we packed our things and hit the road in record time.
Sometimes you have to make a hasty exit when your child is acting like the world is falling down around him. A combination of a cute little girl, too many chips and no afternoon nap wore the pants right off of our little guy. But, we LOVE him nonetheless (especially because he actually slept in bed with us for about a half hour this morning--exhausted, giggly and cuddly. I need to wear him out more often!)


alice c said...

How is it possible? That little man gets more and more CUTE!

Kim said...

He looks like he's doing a commercial for chips in that first picture!