Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My 5X Meme

Thanks Gini, for tagging me with this meme. Here goes:

5 Things in My Bag:

I am still at that point where I am using a diaper bag. I got this gorgeous bag from a local baby boutique here in Vegas and have received countless compliments on it--so I haven't tried very hard to start using a regular purse again (plus I still need to haul sippy cups and a few diapers, so why change what works?)

So, the things in my diaper bag are:
  1. a few diapers
  2. a big handful of Peppermint Patties (from my Mother's Day gift). I try to keep a few sweets in my bag for when I can feel that my blood sugar is low.
  3. My gorgeous Tommy Bahama wallet--hand-tooled leather, pics of Chris and James (no cash mind you--I never seem to have any, LOL)
  4. A little elephant of James' (there was a zebra too, but he must have headed back to the herd).
  5. Lip stuff--I am a Burt's Bees and lip gloss addict.

5 Things in My Room:

1. On my bedside table is one of the beautiful hand-hooked coasters from a set that my Mom gave me years ago.

2. A tall pile of assorted throw pillows for the bed (they are supposed to be ON THE BED, but the bed needs to be MADE first, and that doesn't always happen, unless we are headed out for a trip, and that way if something happens to me, my family won't come into my room and realize what a terrible bed maker/slob I am.)

3. A wedding picture of Chris and I. He looks like he is 16!!!

4. The overnight bag from Laughlin that I have yet to unpack.

5. Chris' Mom's rocking chair.

5 Things I Have Always Wanted to Do:

1. Become a good mandolin/guitar player.

2. Have a little working farm with a draft horse, a cow, a few chickens, a lab, some sheep, a great vegetable garden, a red barn and an old red pickup.

3. Help build a home for Habitat for Humanity.

4. Live in Vermont (or at least in the woods on a lake in the middle of no where with no neighbors, no traffic and lots of peace and quiet).

5. Make a great pizza like my Mom.

5 Things I am Currently in To:

1. Playing with James and enjoying every wonderful moment that I can with him.

2. Day-dreaming about my daughter (what will she look like? Will she have Chris' gorgeous, shiny, thick, curly, black hair, or my super-fine, mousy brown hair? Will she look like James? Will she be a super-easy baby that never cries and sleeps thru the night at 6 weeks like James did? Will she grow up to be an actress or a mechanic?)

3. Trying to keep my grocery budget under $75 a week and still put great meals on the table.

4. Trying to keep from constantly yelling at Gino to stop chasing Henry.

5. My tomato plants.

5 People I Want to Tag:

1. Katie
2. Stephanie
3. Mom
4. Tara
5. Fager

(The last three should have blogs but don't, so just e-mail me your memes!)

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Redhead in Vegas said...

what great pictures. it was so nice to read about all the things that make you tick. let me know how the tomatoes are!