Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I usually take James to one of the little playgrounds in our community a few times a week. Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk/playground visit combo. I grabbed the camera as we headed out the door and boy, am I glad I did. Not only do I get to share our playground escapdes with you, but I also caught James doing a totally new and priceless thing on video!!

I know you are just trembling with anticipation to see it, but let's start at the beginning.

Here is James on the walk. If I have to go somewhere in the car with him and we walk by the Baby Jogger he gets SO FRUSTRATED because he wants to get in it and go for a ride. LOVE THAT!!

He is practically busting out of the harness to get onto the playground slide when we stop. Here he is on his first trip up the stairs.

Headed up to the middle-size slide . . .

Here he is saying his little mantra, "R E A D Y . . . S E T . . . GO!!!"

I love it that this makes him so happy. He needed a little happiness after his sad day on Sunday.

OK, love, love, LOVE this next picture. I don't even know how I got it. Since I discovered the sport shot setting on my camera, I just snap like a bizillion pics and hope that I get something good. I think this might be my new favorite. (Except that it makes me a little sad, because he looks like he is 12.)

Ready to head down the slide again . . . can you tell that I had already pinched those cheeks like 100 times that day???

So, today was really the first day that he has gone down the slides by himself. He usually asks me to hold one of his hands, but not today!! When he got to the bottom I almost died when he did this little jumping thing and yelled "I DID IT!!!" (That's what he is doing in this pic.) Holy crap. I can't stand it.

And here is Mister Silly, saying "HEY!! Come and play with me!!!"

Ok, and now for the part you have been waiting for. James' first time on the biggest of the little slides, all by himself, no hand-holding from me, and the "I did it" jump at the end.


Kim said...

That was so stinkin' cute! Way to go, James!

Gini said...


chris said...

i miss you guys so much...thanks for posting so I can keep intouch while I'm away for a few days...

Gini said...

Let me re-word Chris' comment - "I miss you guys, but I have AN AWESOME VIEW OF THE OCEAN from my hotel room!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Redhead in Vegas said...

sooo cute. such a big boy!

wait, are bill and chris in disney world?
how do i sign up for the "conference"?

Jerolyn said...

Oh my George he is cute!