Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Weekend Mish Mosh of Photos

I grew up having New England Fish Fry at my house at least once a week. I have been dying to do it lately, but I don't have a fryer, and have been afraid of doing it in an open pan. Chris and I were watching Tyler Florence this morning, and he did it in an open Crueset pan on the stove, so we went for it!

Here I am taking the first batch of onion rings out.

Can you say DELICIOUS???

Here is the finished platter of shrimp, onion rings and catfish. OMG the shrimp were awesome!!!

Here is James contemplating his first bite of fried shrimp. (One must hold food item at arm's length to fully contemplate it.)

OK, next item, my garden!!! I can't believe it, but I HAVE TOMATOES!!!

Plant #1:

Plant #2:

Plant #3:

Plant #4:

While I was admiring my tomatoes today, James was running up and down the lawn.

Next topic, Henry. He sleeps a lot. A LOT!

He tries to play with the dogs, but they are so crazy to smell him that they tremble all over and can't even think straight. See Gino??

Here's Rocco thinking "OMG OMG OMG he is so FREAKING CLOSE I am GOING TO FAINT!!!!"

Ummm, Rocco??? BACK AWAY from the kitty!!! Henry doesn't look worried, does he??

James loves his little Henry. He says goodnight and kisses him when he goes to bed.

And one more, amazing, wonderful, scrumptious photo of James.

The weekend is just hours away from being over. We had a great one. Hope you did too!!


Bill said...

James.. sorry we could not make it.

Gini said...

Henry and James - adorable. The fish fry - yummy. I might have to say, by what Chris said, I am OK with not coming over. Next time though, you can still cook it at your house and bring it over!!!!!

Kim said...

1) Awesome tomatoes!
2) I can't believe how little Henry is! and,
3) As always, James is too cute!

Allison said...

Uh, yeah, it stinks STINKS STINKS here. And with my sensitive nose I am JUST DYING!!!! (Chris actually said he was up for a few hours last night because it stank so bad!!!!)

Stephanie said...

That meal looks so good and congrats on those tomatoes!

hannah said...

Herny is so tiny! gino and roco picks with henry- so cute.