Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Fun

Thanks to everyone who voted in the "Name Our Kitty" poll!

Today I asked James to repeat the names on the poll to see which he could say. He had the easiest time with "Henry," and the way he says it makes my heart just melt. I was pulling for Giuseppe, or Oliver, but I am good with it.


Chris feels strongly that everyone in the family should be named after a right-off the-boat Italian family, so he is probably disappointed. (And Bill, you can call him "Pork" if you want to.) Funny, one of the sweetest cats I have ever had is at home with my parents in Maine right now, a grey tiger named Porky. I do not kid. That is the truth!

Many, many thanks to Chris' co-worker Marie for Henry! We know you grew attached to him and it was hard for you and his Mommy to say goodbye. Just know that we will love him like CRAZY.

If anyone is looking for a kitten, I think there were something crazy like 9 in the litter. Marie took in a
stray cat that ended up being pregnant. Remember folks, spay or neuter your pets!

On a separate note, here is James eating his breakfast. Although I think
Garrin has been eating cereal with milk since he was 6 weeks old, James has struggled a bit with the whole spoon thing. Today he got it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Bill said...

HENRY!!!!!! get out!..... maybe Hank. We can call him Henretta after you castrate him...... just kidding. he is cute... I will trade Enzo for the kitty.. Mick would love him.. to, when can we have James back..

Gini said...

Henry sucks.........dammit Chris - couldn't you have put your foot down on this one????

Redhead in Vegas said...

oh come on-
henry is a good name. take it from a red headed italian, having a blatantly italian name like Giuseppe is a nightmare. all the other kitties would taunt him and tell him that he doesn't look italian, he must be irish. trust me, it gets old.

Jerolyn said...

I like Hank too! Next time I need to name something
(which rest assured WON'T be a child)
I'm calling William! Aka Bill

Kim said...

Has Chris started giving him Benny Hill's yet??

hannah banana said...

too cute!