Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Baby Update and James' Version of "Babies"

Ok family and friends, a little update on the baby girl:

We had a nervous weekend, because late Friday afternoon we got a call that I needed to call in to the Triage nurse at my OBGYN about a "matter concerning my pregnancy." Let's just say that the fact that my OBGYN's office was closed and there are no patient services on the weekend scared the crap outta me.

On Monday I called in, and they told me they wanted to go for a Level II ultrasound because they "didn't get a clear enough look at the baby" on the original ultrasound. Ok, no biggie, I thought. But then they said they wanted to schedule me ASAP with a perinatal specialist and then I got a little freaked out.

We went for the level II yesterday, and turns out they wanted to see me because there was a bight spot on the baby's heart. According to the specialist, this can be a "soft marker" for Down's Syndrome. However, that alone is not an indication that the baby could have a disability. It would have to be that plus a number of other factors, including shortened appendages, a fold at the back of the neck, pinkie fingers missing a bone, and an abnormal digestive tract to make it a true concern.

Chris and I were sitting there literally holding our breath when he told us that none of those other indications were present on the ultrasound, and that my triple screen blood test came back normal, and that we have a 1 in 1500 chance of having a baby with a Downs diagnosis, which is very low. Plus, he said that they see babies with bright spots on their hearts all of the time, and they are born without Down's.

We sighed a big sigh of relief, because we had been literally PRAYING ALL WEEKEND for a healthy baby. For those of you who knew what we were going thru, I thank you so much for your words of wisdom, guidance and support. Sometimes it takes going thru a scare to really put your life into perspective.

I think my Mom said the best thing, "whatever will be will be and you will love her just the same." She is right.

Here is baby and I at 21 weeks.

And a couple cute James things:

Is this where he gets those ruby red lips?

He calls strawberries "babies" which is so cute right now.

Love him!


Redhead in Vegas said...

oh dear-
i am so sorry that you guys had such a rough couple of days. your mom is right, whatever happens, she is a miracle and you will love her no matter what. all of our good thoughts are headed your way.

alice c said...

What a frightening weekend for you both. I am glad that you have been reassured by the consultant - take care of yourself and that precious little baby.

Kim said...

Your Mom couldn't be more right. Sending lots of love your way.

erica said...

Glad everything is OK. Have fun the rest of the week with Chris and Jenna!!

chris said...

You look mahhvelous, honey!

Gini said... look pregnant! Stay well.

Jerolyn said...

You just look great and BTW I plan on throwing a handfull of "babies" into my cereal this morning!!! James = adorable!

Stephanie said...

I'm so glad everything is looking good, including you and your boy. :)

Tara said...

I ate a few babies myself this morning. I slathered them in yogurt first before I ate them.... LOL
Glad to hear all is well with Baby #2... :)