Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big News!!!

It's a . . .

Umm, James, tell us how you REALLY feel about having a little sister!!!

Here is an ultrasound pic telling us her gender:

Here is her face (you can see her eye sockets and she is yawning):

Here is a side shot, she is on her knees facing down, head on the left, butt in upper right:

Here she is flexing her girl power muscle!
(I don't know, Tara, whaddya think, a lacrosse player for Northwestern?)

And here is an outstretched hand:

She weighs 8 ounces!
The ultrasound tech can't tell us anything about her development,
the Doc has to do that, so we will get a full report on her health on April 17th.

But, we saw her beating heart, her brain and her kidneys.
She was also moving like crazy and scratched her head and yawned a lot.

An overwhelming number of you thought we were having a girl.
You were right!!


Kim said...

Congratulations! Can't wait 'til she's here!

Gini said...

I guess I can start saving Hannah's old clothes..........for 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allison said...

Oh yeah, it'll be vintage Abercrombie by then!! LOL

Jerolyn said...

Oh yeaaaa a picture of a peach instead of a pickle!!! Congrats!!!and hang on tight, girls are a real wild ride!

Kim F said...

Congratulations...I'm so excited for you. Can't wait 'til little Ella's here so Haley can have a girl playmate.

Redhead in Vegas said...


so exciting. i loooove having a daughter, although a son would have been just fine, too. i hope that you have all of the amazing and wonderful experiences with your daughter that i have with mine. the bond is just incredible.

Tara said...

told ya told ya told ya!

Amy said...

I knew it I knew it I knew it.

Yay. So happy for you. Now James has a little lady to watch over. He'll be a great big brother!

Congratulations and I love you!

Stephanie said...

woo hoo! This is so exciting!! :)

Jackie B said...

Congratulations!!! Thanks for explaining the ultrasounds, I can never figure out what's going on with those things.

amy said...

Hey theres still time to name her...


meg duerksen said...

i always get emotional when i hear about seeing the baby for the first time.
i always cried.
so absolutely amazing!

thanks for coming to my blog.
and for all your kind words.
you are welcome anytime. :)