Sunday, April 6, 2008

My 5 Classes

I was tagged today for a Meme by my fellow blogger Redhead in Vegas.

Here is the Meme topic:

5 Classes You Wish They Would Have Taught in School

1. Letting Go of the Guilt -- for me this translates into a number of things that keep me feeling guilty CONSTANTLY:
  • not travelling back East to see my folks enough
  • not going to seem my grandparents enough
  • not attending playgroup enough
  • not picking up that piece of trash that was next to my car in the parking lot yesterday
  • using disposable diapers even though I know how bad they are for the earth
  • eating a ton of hot dogs when I am not really supposed to be while preggo
  • feeding James Munchkins from Dunkin Donuts three meals in a row (although somewhat unwittingly, as Chris gave them to him for lunch while I was out)
2. How Your Heart will Grow so Huge when You Have a Child that You Think it will Explode and How to Manage It -- seriously, I just had NO IDEA that you could love a little person that you have created with your husband SO MUCH that it stinking hurts.

3. Your Mother is Always Right ALWAYS, so Don't Screw Around, LISTEN TO HER!!! --In the past ten years or so, I have developed a great appreciation for my mother's wisdom. I have come to realize, after kicking ad screaming and coming to my own conclusion that she is right about everything, it would have been so much easier to listen to her in the first place.

4. Knitting, Mandolin-Playing and Jewelry-Making -- it would have been so great if I had been able to learn these hobbies in school, rather than trying to pick them up myself.

5. You Know How to Change a Light Bulb and a Tire, So Don't become Dependent on your Husband to do It All the Time -- I think I have lost a little bit of my "stick-to-itiveness" and my "do-it-myself" capacities because I married a man who is the Mr. Fix-It Champion. I grew up on a farm, for Christ sake, I learned how to:
  • drive a huge old farm truck stick
  • pinch potato bugs
  • weed a garden until you think your back will break
  • haul 10 gallon buckets of water for half a mile to water horses
  • pitch hay bales
  • shovel miles of paths in the snow
  • muck chicken coops
  • tap trees for maple syrup sap
  • harness up a team of ponies
  • slaughter, boil and pluck chickens
So why do I let him do everything???

Thanks for the Meme, Carey! It was fun!


Redhead in Vegas said...

i am so happy that you answered!!!
you gave such great answers. i struggle with the guilt one a lot, too. we should really get our kiddies together and pick each others brains one day. maybe gini can bring garrin. just a thought, i swear i am not not a stalker. LOL!

Gini said...

1. The guilt lessens the more kids you have.
2. Wait until you get to love 2 (or more) kids.
3. You get to be the mom that is always right now!!
4. A class would have been helpful for things such as using my camera the right way, and how to rock at PHOTOSHOP - for sure! I am not a "read the book" kinda girl.
5. My brother is awesome, though, isn't he???

Kim said...

Love these! I need a class in deciphering the freakin' word verification letters!

Redhead in Vegas said...

hi alison-
i just made my blog private. it stinks, but it was necessary, if you would like to keep reading let me know. i'll need to add you as a reader by adding your email. if not no sweat. i'll keep reading yours!

Allison said...

Sure I'd like to keep reading it, Carey.