Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Introducing "Lu-Lu"

My Mom has already decided that I am having a girl, and that her name should be "Lu-Lu." Sorry Mom, if it is a girl, her name will most likely be Ella.

However, yesterday a demure young thing named Lu-Lu showed up at the house, and here she is!

Here she is in the swim suit portion of her fashion show. Look how Lu-Lu commands the runway! The paparazzi flash bulbs pop all around her and she is unfazed as she strides to the end of catwalk!

Here is Lu-Lu, saying "I am ready for my close-up now!"

Lu-Lu has wonderful little cheeks, don't you think? And orange is definitely her color!

Here she is, looking contemplative and reflecting on how she will answer the judges when they ask what her plan will be to solve world peace.

So there you go Mom, that is what a little girl might look like! (James will just kill me later, when he is bigger and sees these photos!)

And here are a couple of cute pics of James from earlier in the day.

Nice shirt! (Thanks Gini!)


Redhead in Vegas said...

i wish i could be a fly on the wall when he sees these pics in a few years and gets it. too funny. i am with your mom, i like Lu-Lu for a girl. when do you find out?

Jerolyn said...

Go with Ella I love that! Ellie and Ella...how cute!!!

mom said...

where is my comment????

mom said...

and furthermore...what is the use of reading these posts and then your comments disappear??? why bother at all...Im not doing this anymore

Allison said...

Mom--I don't know. Sometimes Blogger is a little touchy.

Gini said...

Allison, only you will understand this: I loooooove that shirt - even on James' head inside out - I loooooove it!!!! James is gettin' a sister, James is gettin' a sister, James is getting' a sister - If I say it enough, will it happen?? We'll see tomorrow I suppose.

Kim said...

At least it's not a pair of underwear on his head - that'll come later! Can't wait to find out!

Tara said...

OMG i am waiting with baited breath ....I still predict that it's gonna be a girl!