Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Know You're Dying for . . .


These should tide you over for a while.

I didn't know we had a Yankees fan! I am not sure that I am good with that (being as I prefer the Red Sox, myself).

Dude, can you see anything?

Maybe we should turn this train table into a baseball diamond table.

I told you, they lost. Dude, they didn't even make it all the way. The Red Sox won again!

He has been especially sweet and cranky at the same time (hard to explain) but he seems to be going through this really needy stage where he begs and begs to sit on your lap, or for you to hold him, and then he immediately wants down.

Here he is with his Elephant (I just had to buy one after I bought one for Jerolyn's baby shower, even though I was only a few months pregnant with James.) He calls it "Allisant" which sounds an awful lot like Allison, tee hee.

What a face! Makes you want to stick a spoon in it and eat it all up!

And by the way, in case you were wondering, the baby girl is getting most of her nourishment from the following two items:

God help me! (and her!!!) LOL


Gini said...

Thanks for finally posting. Now I can stop checking it............Cute pics of the boy.

Jerolyn said...

I loves me some James gang photos! I think Allisant should forever be the name of that elephant. P.s. Ellie loves hers too!

alice c said...

That little baby girl will definitely be sugar and spice and all things nice! It is going to take a while before she is as cute as her brother.

Kim said...

Nice hat, James! Go Yankees!