Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Today's the Day!

Our ultrasound to determine the gender and the health and overall development of baby #2 is today. For a few weeks my family, friends and colleagues have been asking me if think I am having a boy or a girl. The funny thing is, I just have no inkling, idea, or feeling one way or another!

When I was about 12 weeks pregnant with James I had a very clear dream about waking up to a little boy, standing in the doorway of our bedroom, holding a blanket and a teddy bear and saying "Mommy." From that night on, I was CONVINCED we were having a boy.

This time? Nothing. I have not been particularly drawn to little girl's clothing in the stores, I haven't given much thought to the possibility of James having a little brother.

All of my friends and friends-of-friends having their second baby have had a gender the same as their first.

I myself am one of TWO GIRLS for my Mom.

Chris' Mom had TWO GIRLS in a row, and then Chris.

Gini had a girl and then TWO BOYS in a row.

My high school friend Kate recently had TWIN GIRLS.

My friend Kim just had her second baby, TWO GIRLS in a row.

Debbie had TWO BOYS in a row.

Dana is pregnant with her SECOND GIRL in a row.

My friend Katie is pregnant with her SECOND GIRL.

My cousin Heather has had THREE GIRLS IN A ROW.

Our friend Jerolyn has had THREE GIRLS IN A ROW.

Our friend Jennifer had a boy and is now pregnant with her FOURTH GIRL IN A ROW.

Chris' aunt had FIVE BOYS IN A ROW.

All around me, I notice same gender siblings. My neighbor has two boys. My colleague Jim has two boys. My colleague Myrna has two girls.

My boss has a girl and a boy. GO ANNETTE!

So, I am calling it, right here and right now. I think the deck is stacked, and we will be having another little BOY.

We'll see! I'll post an update tonight!

What's your guess???

Will it be a BOY or a GIRL?


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you I started to tear up as I scrolled down. Thought that you already knew what sex it is and I was trying to read between the lines from what you said to figure it out. The whole time I was wishing for a girl. But by the end I was so caught up in how many lives our family has created and is a part of, and how many friends with babies we are blessed to know. I realized that you understood all along. All that matters is that baby. And I am so happy it is coming, and even more happy and proud of the family that it is born into.

Amy said...

That was me, your sister. Didn't mean to go anonymous...

Gini said...

That was very sweet, Amy. Oh my gosh. Its a...........girl, I hope.

Stephanie said...