Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Ruffle T-Shirt Craze Continues . . .

I am hooked on and have fallen head-over-heels for these ruffled t-shirts! Am I crazy? I definitely have the ruffle bug!

I am also excited to say that I have been given a feedback e-mail on the tutorial I did for the Ruffled Toddler Dress from an Upcycled T-Shirt, AND it included a photo of the reader's finished dress!

Oh, and if you noticed the "Vintage Pollyanna" name on the photo collage, it is a blog I am creating that showcases a love for all things vintage, lovingly named after my Mom's antique store.

Stay tuned,

More later, gotta run and sew!


Kelly said... are so cool. I don't know how you can do all this stuff. Your little girl's ruffled dress is just adorable. I just looked at the tutorial. One of these days........

Courtenay Homan said...

can't wait for your new blog!