Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet A Few of our Feathered Friends

Chris and I are amateur birdwatchers, and we have quite the bird feeder set-up in the back yard, right outside the dining room windows. Yesterday I noticed that we had an unusually high amount of bird activity, and in the space of a few minutes I snapped these photos. Enjoy!

House sparrow in flight.

Blue Jay and House Sparrow in flight (next to the really long, new tube feeder Chris just brought home.)

Blue Jay.

Blue Jay and juvenile Starling.

Common Pigeon.

Pesky Squirrel. OK, I know he is not feathered, but I had to include him. Look at his hind feet!

More Blue Jay. I can't say that I really like Jays, because they seem to be really bossy and eat a ton of our birdseed, but you have to admit that that they are beautiful!


More House Sparrows. I really liked the composition of this photo.

Juvenile Starling. Look at the speckled feathers on his breast. I also shot some photos of a juvenile female cardinal, but they were blurry.

Common Pigeon.

I believe that this is a female Downy Woodpecker.

I have said it before, but again I am astonished at the number and variety of birds we get to see here in our neighborhood!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Allison, I love seeing your backyard birds.. You do have a good variety. I have a similar set-up at my home. We have a feeding area set-up on one end of our deck--right outside one of our big sliding doors... I love sitting and watching all of the birds come to the various feeders...

Love seeing your birds in flight. NEAT..

Jayne said...

Wonderful in flight photos Allison! :c)

Anonymous said...

I agree: your in-flight photos are marvelous! Being a fussy birder, I'm actually not fond of house sparrows or starlings. Blue jays are bossy and pushy, but at least they're native. :)