Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My New Calling

Frosting cupcakes.

So, I think I need to start a either a travelling kids cupcake party business,
or else just open up a nursery school / drama camp / art school.

I've been lucky to have this crowd of kids hanging out with me over the past two days,
and as much as their moms think I'm out of my ever lovin' mind
appreciate it, I wish that I could have these little ones over every day for a few hours.

SERIOUSLY. I mean where else can I bundle all of the fun things
that I enjoy doing into one period of time? Like,
Jewelry Making

Where else can I have an adoring crush of fans loving me as I pass out

And at what other point can I read stories to my heart's content,
and then be begged for
and another,
and another?

Did I mention that my Mom ran a daycare?
Did I mention that I have a theatre degree?
Did I mention that I LOVE kids???

Hmmm . . .

maybe I'll call it
Pollyanna's Pre-School!!!!


Flannery Buchanan said...

I would looooooove if you opened up an art/drama school/classes/etc!!! We'd be your number one fans!

Mary said...

As someone who knows the value of good childcare, I think you should open your place! What lucky children to have someone so loving, fun, patient, and kind spending time with them and engaging them in meaningful and joyful activities! Love the blog! It's inspiring me to do more with our family website! :)

Pam Smith said...

Oh my gosh what an awesome preschool teacher you would make. I also think it would be a great tribute to your Mom with the name Pollyanna!!

Jayne said...

So, when do you open? :c)

I'm looking at the paperweight on my desk that says, "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"

A New England Life said...

Maybe you should become a preschool teacher? Or perhaps a teachers aide once the kids are in school?

I have to admit, I always felt a little frazzled when all the kids came to our house. Going to someone elses house was more my style ; )

Anonymous said...

You should go for it! One should always follow one's heart and talents. :) You would be soooo great at it and it sounds like you have tons of fans already!

Liz said...

Do. It.