Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun (with Photoshop Actions)

I've been having a ton of fun with my camera (thanks Dad!) and have been trying to learn a new Photoshop trick or two every few days. Here are a few of my new favorite actions that I have been using (click on the image to enlarge it):

RAW Definition

(Ahem, I don't come up with the names) Bitchin' Black & White

Sun Kissed

Polaroid Type 600

Okay, it was 102.9 here in Longmeadow, MA today!!! I am not sure that the heat translates in these photos, but who cares about the heat when you are surrounded by such cutie patootie kids!!


Anonymous said...

The kids know how to handle the heat in style! ;) The first photo is really cool!

Holly said...

I love the first one also. All of them are really good! Are these actions? Very nice:)

Allison said...

Teresa, don't they?? Notice there weren't any photos of me!!!

Holly YES!! Actions. I revised the post to reflect that.

Mary said...

That first picture is incredible! I must learn how to do that! haha

Anonymous said...

Allison, LOL! Well, someone had to hold the camera, right?

Liz said...

Love the one of James with the Flavor-Ice!! Cute pic, cute "affect".