Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Hoop-la

It has been busy busy around here getting ready for Valentine's Day (one of my FAVORITE holidays).

A few weeks ago I made about a dozen cards for family and friends featuring none other than the cutest little Valentine cupid ever--JAMES!

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I had such a blast making these cards. I have a favorite that I will post on here tomorrow.

Last night I made 30 cupcakes for tonight's playgroup Valentine's Day potluck. They turned out adorable (and yummy).

Dontcha just wanna stick your finger in this YUMMY butter cream icing??!!

I have a top secret project to complete today after work for Chris, and a few little things to wrap, and other than that, I will be done!

Sending lots of love your way for Valentine's Day!!


Jerolyn said...

Please don't make the rest of us look bad AFTER baby #2 comes along by continuing all these great projects, and baking, and buying, and wrapping...I just can't take my own guilt! haha just kidding, sorta...
beautiful cards I love em, and yes I do want to stick my finger in that frosting! mmmmmm

Allison said...

Come on Miss Queen of canning, hard candy making, scrapbooking and trampoline summersaulting after THREE KIDS!! You are an idol for mothers everywhere!!

Gini said...

you suck. work from home and make all this cool stuff. where do you find the time?

Jerolyn said...

UMMMMM For the record it was not a was a back flip...just sayin' haha