Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Babe!

I love you s0 much, Chris. I thought we could take a walk down memory lane together and look back at some photos of us through the years!

This is the VERY BEGINNING. 2000?

Aaaahh, the partying days. Welcoming 2001.
Babe, I have to say you look like you are about 18 here!

Visiting Las Vegas in 2002.

Christmas/New Year's 2003.

Gettin' hitched! 2004.

Happy married life 2005.

Having a baby in 2006!

Golfing in 2007.

Babe, I love you tons, and I look forward to many great years together.

Hey, this little man loves you too.

Happy Valentine's Day, Da da!!!


Jerolyn said...

If I've already said this about any of your other posts I lIED because THIS is my favorite post of all time. Loved looking at those photos of you two. and with the added bonus at the end...makes me wanaa say ahhhhhhhh. In fact I am gonna say ahhhhhhh,
Happy Valentines day you 3 and1/2!!

Gini said...

That was a GREAT post. Great photos! This by no means you suck any less, for those fabulous cards you handmade (one of which I got!!! yeah!!!!).

Tara said...

Awwww.... SO sweet!
Miss you guys!!!