Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A few fun photo collages for you:

Chris had a dream a few weeks ago about a little Casio keyboard he had when he was a boy. He even dreamed the model number. Sure enough the next morning he Googled the model number and there it was!

He bid on one on Ebay for James and it arrived yesterday. He LOVES it! It is pretty much a tie right now for his favorite thing with his Super Bowl balloon (as you can see from the top left pic when he is playing the keyboard with one hand and holding his balloon with the other.) LOL

A few great pics from his bath last night:

I have been trying to get him out in the sunshine at lunch time by taking him for a little walk to the playground in our community. He runs at full-out break-neck speed to the playground once he sees it.

He is growing up way too fast. Do I say that in every other post, or what? DRAT!! I am going to start putting espresso in his milk to stunt his growth!


Jerolyn said...

I tried that with Katie and it didn't work? Sh'e almost as tall as me. Sorry.

He is such a babe!

Gini said...

First off - he has the long fingers to be an awesome piano player and second - he doesn't act all happy when I give him a bath. I wonder why. And thirdly - it was dang cold yesterday - I applaud you for going to the park.