Monday, February 4, 2008


Chris and I have always been Patriots fans.

We were pretty excited about yesterday's Super Bowl game, as we wanted to see their undefeated season close with a good Giants thrashing. As the game went on, it became clear to us that the Giants' defense was stopping every Patriots effort to advance, and Eli Manning was making his way closer and closer to that 2008 Black Escalade that he was awarded post game for MVP. UGH.

Since James was feeling better, we decided not to cancel our little Super Bowl gathering. I phoned our guests before hand to let them know that James still had a cough, and there would be no kisses for his "Grandma" Mel and "Grandpa" Gene or for "Auntie" Joan and "Uncle" Sam. They all have some version of the cold that has the Valley by the throat, so they took it in stride and came over anyhow.

Chris and I and James were alone in our hopes for a Patriots win. Or so I thought, until the final seconds ticked off of the game clock, and our Giants fans went nuts:

James! YOU TRAITOR!!!!

We love you anyway. Even if you don't know a great team when you see one!


Jerolyn said...

Winners never cheat, and CHEATERS never WIN (the Super Bowl anyway) GO GIANTS!!!

Melanie said...

Allison you must mention that folks need to click on the sound clip to hear just how happy James was that the Giants won; I guess you have a Giants fan in your home.

We had a great time seeing you guys it has been way to long.

Allison said...

It was great to have you! We had such a nice time catching up.

Chris said...

my freakin kid is so freakin cute

Jerolyn said...

Freak ya he is!

Gini said...

THE GIANTS ROCK - and I am pretty sure I told all you losers that before the game even started. Love you James! You can watch football with me anytime!