Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Boy After My Own Heart

I am sure that you all know that I was a horse CRAZY little girl. (And still am). Growing up, I collected all of the Breyer horse models I could get my hands on (and beg my parents for).

Back at home in Maine my collection probably numbers more that 50 horses.

I had Black Beauty:I had Misty of Chincoteague:
When I was even younger I had a bunch of the "My Pretty Pony" ponies, like the one below:

Then, when I was about 10, my parents had trees removed on the back property by hiring a true Maine woodsman and his team of ponies to bring out (known as "twitching" out), the trees.

One of the horses was a dark bay named King, and the other was a paint pony named (you guessed it), Trigger. I was IN LOVE with that stubborn little white black and brown pony. Turns out, Jim, their handler, was ready to retire Trigger, and so lo and behold, Trigger became my very own, REAL pony.

When I was in middle school I got two more horses, Le-Sa, an Appaloosa, and Sonny Boy, a Morgan pony cross. We lost Trigger to colic when I was in high school, and Le-Sa passed away from old age a couple of years ago. Sonny is still at home in Maine. Uh, yeah--you do the math. Horses can live for a long, l o n g time.

Anyway, I only tell you all of that to illustrate how horse crazy I really was. While other kids were going to their local roller rink, I was playing REAL cowboys and indians with my friend Liz (who had her own horse, too.)

Of course I have hoped and hoped that James will love horses, too. So imagine my delight today when he came up to his Daddy and I with a little pony from his Little People barn yard set and said "Neigh! Neigh!"

OMG I almost fell over.

I am going to get him a real live pony just as SOON as I can!


Gini said...

Your viewers can "gallop" on over to my blog to see your son riding Thomas like a horse....

Jerolyn said...

giddy up James!!! Now back to studying those letters boy...go now GIT!!!

Anonymous said...

ponys are stupid

Gini said...

let me guess....anonymous is Chris?

Allison said...

You're a JERK, Chris! And LEARN HOW TO SPELL!

Anonymous said...

Batteries, power plants, volt meters, cables, cable rack, door alarms and "the sock" are stupid