Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Carnival Season Again!

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We went to our first carnival of the summer season last night. It was a little local affair held by a Catholic School, very similar to the little carnival that I went to as a kid. A few rides, the necessary cotton candy, fried dough and fresh cut fry vendors, great music and affordable ride tickets make it a neighborhood crowd pleaser.

Ella is just small enough that she couldn't ride anything (boo!) so I spent $7 on a pretty pink dolphin ballon that she likes. I know--$7!! But--so worth it to hear her say "BalOOOOOOn!!!" over and over!

The best thing I did was spend $20 on an unlimited rides bracelet for James. Can I tell you that kid went thru the fun house, on the tea cups (which he calls the Bowls of Soup ride), the train and a few others a hundred times! In short--this little trip (without his Dad as Chris was in San Diego for work) was all about my little man.

I love a good carnival. We had so much fun! I have already bookmarked a list of local festivals, carnivals and fairs that will be going on throughout the summer. Remember this post? Yeah. You know what I mean--the noise, the smells, the excitement, the looks on my little ones faces? You could say that these little events are about the highlight of my summer.

Now stop reading my blog, and go get yourself a ticket to ride in a bowl of soup!!!


Sarah @ Picture Window said...

Hi there! Another blogger suggested I check our your blog since we're fellow New Englanders (I'm in central Mass). I'm your newest follower :)

Anonymous said...

What fun!! I used to have as my blog profile pic, a photo of me riding in a saucer at this little boardwalk fun-park (with the boys) at Rehoboth Beach, DE. :)

Yup, $7 for a balloon for Ella is perfectly fair given that James got all the rides!