Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Handmade Vintage Freshness Can Be Found at Three Sisterz

Introducing Three Sisterz!

I know I have mentioned my friend Flannery about a million times on this blog, but I have been meaning to introduce the recent work that she and I and her sister Courtenay have recently finished, branding their business, Three Sisterz.

Flan came over a month or so ago and I walked her through some marketing ideas to help get Three Sisterz off the ground. They had a blog, but they needed to find a way to update it, get more exposure, and move to the next level. They were interested in how online marketing could help them, and seeing as how I make my living in marketing, communications and social media design, I was excited to assist them. I do really enjoy helping strong, creative women in their pursuing their dreams.

She and her sisters sew charming, one-of-a-kind pillowcase dresses using the most beautiful, whimsical fabric you can imagine. I think their sensibility is a fresh take on vintage and I adore it. They also make appliqued onesies, precious little skirts and a number of other custom-made items. Here's a few items from their recent work:

We talked about the look and feel that they wanted, played around with some images and came up with a new banner and design for the blog. Here is the banner, but you have to go and visit to get a real feel for the changes that we made.

Next we parlayed the new look for the brand into a Facebook badge and graphics for their Etsy store. A few days later I took some photos for them (this one is my fave!) of Flannery's middle daughter, Mary Larkin in one of their signature dresses. (Okay, you can't see much of the dress in this shot, I know . . . bad marketer, BAD!)

You can find their Facbook page here:

And you can take a look at their Etsy page here:

So please, before you run into a big box store for a summer dress that every little girl on the block is going to be wearing, think twice and buy something custom-made and AFFORDABLE and unique. Plus, doesn't it feel great to support another woman, another mother, in their efforts?

Remember this shot of my little Ella in her Three Sisterz pillowcase dress? (Just look at that little bow mouth!!!) Do you need any more convincing than this?

There's just something about these stunning handmade creations that these women are making, that make little girls' cheeks that much more PINCHABLE and SMOOCHABLE!

Now, go and "like" their Facebook page, and then go browse their blog and their Etsy store!

And be sure to spread the word and tell your friends, too.


Courtenay Homan said...

Allison, I also love supporting other work-at-home mothers who have handmade businesses. Thanks for all you've done for us. I get so many great comments about how our blog looks and it's ALL because of you! You've helped me fulfill my dream of being a business owner!

Flannery Buchanan said...

As always, you have outdone yourself! Thank you for all the support.