Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Little Curly Top

The dress Ella is wearing was a gift from my mother--a little retro seersucker dress that I really love. Yellow was my Mom's favorite color--and I wish she could see her running around the yard, cute as a button and reminiscent of Shirley Temple. But I guess she probably can.

It has been more than a year since I lost my Mom, and though her absence is still painful, that pain is a little less sharp, and more often than not I am smiling when I am remembering her instead of feeling sad.

I think that the quality of the sunshine is really special in these photos--I am getting better at capturing the light.

Big day for us tomorrow--James is having his fourth birthday party! We are expecting about a dozen kids and 30 adults so it will be a fun day for sure. We even rented a huge bouncy house for him (seems to be the birthday party trend on our street these days!) It is actually due to arrive tonight--so no doubt we will be bouncing into the night and he will be exhausted before the big day even arrives!

Happy weekend to you!


Under the Willow said...

Oh she is so beautiful and has the curls we all would pay BIG money for!!!

AND yes- I do believe your mom is seeing her run around in the beautiful yellow dress. Very sweet.

Sheri said...

How adorable! There's nothing like a precious little girl in a sundress from grandmom....Ella's locks are endless, love them!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" hugs & kisses to James!...great memories! Enjoy! Much love to all xoxoxox

Jayne said...

She is so very sweet and that dress is perfect. Happy birthday to big boy James! Have fun at the party!

Allison said...

Thanks ladies!