Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Few Springtime Thoughts about My Boy

I promised a couple of weeks ago, after writing this post that I would follow up with a similar one for James. This is especially important as his baby book is chock full of written memories about his growing up--and I almost can't fit another word in it! Looks like since I have been blogging for nearly three years, starting with this post about our first family photo, this blog has really become a place to mark the many things that make my world so full and rich. So I'll continue to update my family and friends with his progress as well!

Here's what has been swirling around in my mind about my boy since I first starting to think about writing this post:

1. My boy is so sweet and so gentle--he gives me the greatest kisses and hugs, there are few things that warm my heart more than seeing his love.

2. He is consumed with learning about Space--he knows most of the planets, including differentiating them with their characteristics--rings, the red spot, which one is the smallest, etc.

3. He LOVES books. His teacher told me that she can tell that I read to him every night--which we have been doing together since he was a baby. It is our special time together and I hope it has helped his love for storytelling grow.

4. He is struggling with the attention that his sister gets. Anything we do to her--tickle her, hug her, play with her, he always says "Do that to me! Do that to me!"

5. He really enjoys anything related to his Dad's world. Cars especially. He points out all makes of cars--Subarus, Mustangs, Jeeps, "That's a Ford" he'll say.

6. Green is is favorite color. Any choice he makes that involves something green will be accompanied with "I chose such-an-such because it is green, Mom." Too cute.

7. James doesn't have any real understanding of money right now--instead, he equates things that are a lot, or cost a lot, with currency made up of things he loves. Something that is worth 100 donuts is pretty darn expensive!

8. James had night terrors for almost a year, but they seemed to end about six months ago, and he wakes up so much more rested than he used to. We are all glad for that!

9. Like a typical toddler, I sometimes wonder if he can hear. At all. Well, at least if he can hear me. I am the tuned-out Mommy many times. Repeating myself over and over, please pick up so-and-so, please stop bothering your sister, please put your socks on, sometimes whatever it is I might say I feel like I have to ask a million times before he hears it once. But I know that his toddler brain is on overload, so I try and try and try to be PATIENT.

10. He does test me. That push and pull I know is common at this stage. He is growing into himself--into his emotions, into how he processes things, and I am trying to take each step with him, one foot in front of the other.

11. He thinks he is so darn funny and he laughs at himself constantly. He is just a truly happy kid.

Over Easter weekend I had one of those moments--where I was looking at my kids and I felt overwhelming emotion--love, pride, and gratitude all rolled into one. They are such gifts. My heart was so full--thinking of them as babies, how I held them in my arms that first moment that they were introduced to the world--their first steps, the first time they came running into my arms. Its like I have a whole kaleidoscope of moments in my mind's eye and they all came rushing together. Overwhelming and amazing at the same time.

Anyhow--I think of my Dad and my grandparents reading this blog, and I know that they think about what it was like when my sister and I were young, when Mom was young, and they must feel the same things that I do. Parenthood is such a gift.

James, you make Daddy and I so happy. We love you 100 donuts, bud.


Michelle said...

James seems like such a sweetheart! He sounds like a typical toddler to me! Hope you had a wonderful Easter, Allison! I'm sure your kiddies enjoyed all the goodies.


Allison said...

He sure is a sweetheart, Michelle. Those big brown eyes had me the moment they opened!

Jayne said...

So sweet Allison. So sweet.

Allison said...

Thanks Jayne. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is an incredibly sweet tribute to James! And, you know, I don't think my kids have any real grasp of money at ages 12 and 14 either. LOL!