Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Peek at James' Room

James' room is finally done! And I couldn't be happier with the result.

The furniture is from Ikea--I really loved this bed for him. We did have a set of bunk beds but I really felt like they made his room seem smaller, and they seemed to make it darker as well. He is really loving all things space right now, so I found him space bedding on clearance at Target (as well as that great red beanbag chair!)

My friend Kim over at Endless Possibilities did a post a while back about her the bedroom that she decorated for her three boys Carson, Lawson and Hudson. I remember thinking that she had some great ideas about putting creative spaces in the room, and one of the ideas was to hang their artwork in the room. Chris hung two tiers of string in James' room, and I added his artwork with little clothes pins that I found at Michael's.

I had wanted to buy him some space paintings but decided I would paint them myself. This diptych was fun to do, but I wish I had chosen larger canvases.

Here is the bookshelf that also came from Ikea--can you say STORAGE? It is so tall. I love it. The curtains also came from Target on clearance. They are made by RE and came with two panels in a package, on sale for $16.00. That is so inexpensive for curtains, and they are pretty heavy! Oh--and the little red chair?? That was mine when I was a little girl. My Dad just gave it to me last year. I get chills when he sits in it--thinking about how I used to sit in it to read or play with my Breyer horses!

And one more look at the great artwork that we hung--it is a mish-mosh of projects he is bringing home from pre-k and our art time together.

LOVE IT!!! What fun things have you done to decorate your kid's rooms?


Just Heather said...

Too cute! I remember your horses too.

So, the busy body in me has to ask. You bolted the bookcase to the wall, right? I had a dresser like that when I was little and it toppled on me more than once.

Allison said...

Mmmm . . . if I say no does that make my post on MM seem hypocritical?? It came with a strap and a bolt for the wall but my ahem . . . handyman hasn't installed it yet.

Stephanie said...

His room is so cute. I love the furniture and how his art is in there with him. (your blog also looks so pretty!)

When you posted your adorable paintings on fb I was inspired to try that for baby's room. Inspired but haven't actually done it yet. :)

Kim said...

LOVE it!!! And that room looks HUGE! The blue chest is fantastic!

Holly said...

I can see why his room makes you happy. I did the same thing with Poppy's art work in our playroom- it adds so much to any room. If I could paint like you I'd have paintings covering every wall in our home- nicely done:)