Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Rewind

Here are some photos of the kids from the weekend. I swear my heart felt like it was going to burst every time I looked at them! Sorry no captions--busy work day ahead!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely perfect day you had! I swear you guys are the perfect family: so beautiful, so happy, so sweet!

Mmm, Ella makes me want a half-chocolate Peep too! ;)

Anonymous said...

p.s. I looove your new template and header!

A New England Life said...

Could Ella and James be any more adorable? It looks like they had a nice Easter. You couldn't ask for better weather!

I hope you and your husband enjoyed the day too. Daddy and daughter are some sweet together!

Allison said...

Teresa--it was a perfect day, and I was so proud of my little ones! Thanks for the re-design love--I am very happy with it, I think nothing says spring like crocuses or forsythia, but my crocuses were eaten by starlings!

Sharon-I do think the kids looked great--I got Ella's dress at a second hand shop and it was just perfect for her! And Chris is sporting new chops--he looks like a biker next to my sweet baby!! LOL

Jayne said...

Oh my... that Easter dress is delicious on Ella!!!