Friday, April 16, 2010

An Ode to Ella (Again)

I could go on and on about my devotion to Ella,
and I have,
how I love her curls,
those blue-gray-green eyes,
the creases in her thighs,
the far-away looks,
the sudden smiles,
and I guess I just did,


KatiePerk said...

What a lovely post! She is adorable. Love the new header too!

Christy said...

Very sweet. Great pictures.

A New England Life said...

She looks so much like you Allison. Ella is as cute as a bug! A cute bug that is ; )

I'll bet she was loving her 'fancy' necklace!

Allison said...

Katie--thanks for the banner love! The Forsythia are just fabulous right now. Lilacs (my faves) are beginning to bloom, so I have a feeling that will be the next banner focus!

Christy--sweet, sweet and more sweet. I think that's what all little girls are made of, don;t you?

Sharon--I think she does too! Funny how that changes, a few weeks later she'll look just like Chris! James made that necklace for me, and she has taken it over.

Jayne said...

So sweet to see them playing on the iPhone below, and to see her here with such adorable expressions. You do have some truly beautiful children Allison. :c)

Anonymous said...

You can never have too many odes to your dear sweet they are!

Allison said...

Jayne and Teresa--thanks, they are just a treasure.

alice c said...

I swear that your children are getting more adorable by the day. I can't believe that when I first 'met' you Ella was just a tiny bump.

Allison said...

Alice!! I haven't been visiting much and I need to head over to The Sight of Morning--I only wish that there weren't parentheses around the word met in your comment. :-)