Monday, April 26, 2010

A Journey Down Hairstyle Road

Okay folks, I am about to take you back on a journey of my hair cuts over the last ten years. I have always loved to play around with my hair--I've done some crazy stuff, and lately I am getting BORED. My hair is the longest it has been since college, falling past my shoulders. For the most part I am happy with it--sure, it takes some extra time -- but I can't shake that feeling that I need something different.

Let's take a look back, and maybe you, my faithful readers can give me your input! Let's start with the unfortunate cut I got back in 1998ish. That was also an unfortunate period of home coloring.

Umm, yeah, I know. I am also thinking how this horrible thumbnail of me will be up on my friend Stephanie's blog, Built to Last. Ick. Just for the record, I am not headed back to the short, spiky and purplish red category of hair styles. (But see, I do love you guys, and thought I would lay it all out here for you.)

On to the curling and highlighting and hair spraying year. At some point, when you get enough blonde highlights you are eventually blonde, I guess. (That's me on the left. And yes. I was quite possibly inebriated.)

Looks like I finally tamed the fro a bit here. I actually like the color quite a bit in the photo below.

WOW! I guess I grew it out a bit and went darker! Getting big again though, this must have been before the flat-iron trend came about.

CHOP! I moved to Vegas and got sick of feeling the hair on my neck, especially during the 115+ degree summers. I also started getting my hair professionally colored. (Phew)! Remember that flippy hairstyle that was all the rage in early 2003 or so?

Preggo with James and letting it grow! Really liking the length here.

CHOPPED again! And back to brunette. This is the stacked bob that I got and grew out over and over for about four years straight. (See Flannery? This is what I'm talking about.)

Here it is from the back. Ooohhh, I miss that feeling! That may be where I am headed this time.

Growing it out!

Growing longer and longer, and back to brunette with some blonde and red highlights thrown in.

And here we are today, sooooo long, and ready for at least a trim. And yes, a color. (Do not click and enlarge this pic or my roots will scare you, for sure.)

So what's your vote? Trim, cut to shoulder, or back to the bob? Will I regret it if I cut it? I always think when looking back at old pics of my Mom that she looked the prettiest with her long hair.

And color? Stick with the browns? Or head back to blonde territory? Let me know and I will post a follow-up after my cut and color this weekend!


Kelly said...

I just have to say, you look so beautiful in all of these photos!

I cast my vote for brunette (perhaps with some of the red and caramel highlights thrown in for some interest), and I love an overall longer, sleek, long-layered length on you.

A New England Life said...'s hard to say. I had that same haircut in the top photo back in the 80's!

I like the blond hair where you're wearing the white shirt. And I don't think you like it but I think the short blond hair is adorable! You look like Paige Davis, but I'm sure you've heard that one before. I'm partial to short hair too. It 'lifts' a face if its worn right.

Not crazy about the stacked look. Very Victoria Beckham. lol! Kelly is probably right, leave it on the longer side and add some wonderful highlights for the summer.

I've always wanted to be a blond but never had the guts.

Anonymous said...

I, like the other two ladies, vote for the longer look too. :) And I agree with Kelly: you look great no matter what hairstyle you're sporting!

I can't choose color though...

Anonymous said...

definitely like the last picture the best. I like the current color, but maybe get some highlights....


Chris said...

great pics!

Flannery Buchanan said...

They are all beautiful!! I do like your hair darker....I think......but with some red or caramel highlights like the others suggested. I am partial to the stacked bob but I do have to say you look great in the picture where you are pregnant with james!

oh well, i didn't help much but I agree with all of the others that you look great no matter what!

Jayne said...

I'm with Sharon! I love the look of it in the white shirt on the couch with hubby. But all of them are still beautiful, truly. :c)

Katie R said...

You have had some cute styles over the years! I like the Vegas cut and the reddish color. :)

Stephanie said...

I like the pregnant picture 'do and the bob. I have to say, though, anything Vegas shot and after is super cute. (the previous ones are cute FOR THE TIME) :)

You are v. photogenic miss Allison.

I still like the flippy look, too. What does that say about me?

Holly said...

I think you look beautiful as is, but here is my two cents: I think if you don't mind blow-drying (I personally hate it because it takes forever and I have to wash my hair every day), keep it on the longer side. Only because it gives you more options- you can pull it up for the short look, but once it's short, it's short. Having said that, I love the Las Vegas cut and color on your face and the stacked bob- both are adorable. And maybe some subtle highlights for summer. Can't wait to see what you decided! Good luck:)

Allison said...

Thanks everyone for your GREAT feedback! I think I am going to just trim a few inches and recolor with the darker brown. I always get this way when it is long--good thing I have an appointment scheduled, or else I'd be reaching for the scissors myself!

Liz said...

I love that short hair cut... I never consciously follow the trends but I have a lot of these same haircut pics, Allison!!! So, I guess they infiltrate my brain!
I vote at least a bob - if not the full flippy-cut!! Love it!
(oh, wait - I have it right now!)

Under the Willow said...

You look terrific in all the cuts and lengths, but the short is fabulous!

Chris said...

How about the preggo hair without the preggo?

Tara said...

I agree 100% with everything that Flannery said - bob-ish, dark, with the caramel highlights...we can be twins - my hairdresser told me she's cutting my hair in a similar bob at my appointment next saturday! gulp.

Sheri said... all except the spike/purple doo! Ooooh,I remember that like yesterday! LOL!! Fav's: preggo with James & the stack in the back. Also, love both those colors: Blondie/highlights for summer & slightly darker for the smile through & through :)

Suzanne said...

Wow! You certainly have had a lot of looks over the last few years! I love them all!!! The Vegas cut is super cute but I also love it long!

Hmmmm …. Maybe trim and stick with the browns with some highlights?