Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few Springtime Thoughts about My Girl

  1. I love that she is wearing hair bows for a little longer before she rips them out to suck on them.
  2. The warmer weather has meant that I get to see and touch more of her baby soft, milky white skin.
  3. She has been wearing dress after dress after dress. I just can't put this girl in a pair of pants (and if I have, you can be sure that I have just about run out of clean dresses!)
  4. She LOVES balloons. What child doesn't right?
  5. Yes, she isn't sitting in a booster. You can't contain her anymore. She is a free spirit during meal times. Grazes, leaves, comes back, grazes some more.
  6. I am in love with her hair. Truly. Curly, wild, crazy, does its own thing and I don't even try to tame it anymore.
  7. You can hear her say "Hi James" and "Hi Daddy" and "I love you" and "good night" clear as day.
  8. Those lips. A perfect bow mouth, my Dad has said. He's right. And boy can they give a good pucker for a kiss!
  9. She can definitely turn on the charm for the camera. She is a flirt, end of story.
  10. Someone in Costco told Chris that she should be the official Costco greeter. Her "hi"s ring out throughout the store, and everyone loves to stop and say hi, and tell her how sweet and friendly she is. I think she thinks that the folks at Costco make up her own personal fan club. I should seriously get her on a parade float so she can make good use of her princess wave.
  11. Make no mistake, for as many sunny moments as she gives us, there is a balance of cranky, screaming, you-will-not-move-me-from-this-spot tantrums. I told Chris that she is full speed ahead at all times, but it may mean full speed happy or full speed cranky. I love them both.
  12. She calls for me in the mornings from her crib "Mommmmeeeeeee." And I lay there and smile, waiting to hear it a few times more just so that it can soak in that I am blessed to have her.

Okay, that's enough sappy-sap about my girl. I'll have to do a similar post about James tomorrow! (I'm off to pick out today's dress!)


sheri said...

PRECIOUS!!! Love that "girly-girl" stage; bows, ribbons, dresses, tights.........nail polish is around the corner! Love you all xo

TeresaR said...

LOL about Costco being her personal fan club! She does have the most beautiful curls; I'm so jealous. ;) Ella is one special little girl!

Christy said...

So cute. I love this post. My daughter insists on dresses all the time! Where in New England do you live? WE are in MA.

Allison said...

Sheri--LOOVE YOU! I'll be in touch this week about getting together. You need to see my girl in person!

Teresa (shhhh . . ) I do put a little Fairytails gel in her hair on occasion to boost the curliness.)

Christy--we are in Longmeadow, MA, just south of Springfield.

Jayne said...

Soak it all in, for these days are so short. What a sweet, sweet post Allison. :c)

Stephanie said...

oh,I love that milky white skin, too. Loved reading these. Love baby girls. :)

Christy said...

We live in Somerset - near Fall River.