Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pasta Project

Pasta + food coloring + yarn = hours of fun!

Many thanks to The Artful Parent for the idea!

Place pasta of varying sizes in large Ziploc bags,
add a few drops of food coloring and have your child mush them all around.
Then empty the pasta onto cookie sheets lined with tin foil and let dry overnight.
Next day, let the fun begin!

And here is a fun photo of Ella--she kept busy playing with stickers
while James was stringing pasta necklaces and bracelets with me.

(A note--when placed in the mouth, a food-color-treated pasta will turn
the lips whichever color the pasta happens to be.)

We love to keep busy with arts and crafts--what are or were some
of your favorite crafts to do with your children?


Holly said...

What a neat collage! I must try this some time. We made our own wrapping paper for the holidays. I saved all of our paper bags and carefully opened them up at the bottom to create one large sheet and then let Poppy go to town decorating with crayons/paint/stamps. Nothing fancy but she loved it and I loved not having to buy wrapping paper:)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I bet my kids wish they had you for a mom when they were little. I didn't do a whole lot of crafts with them. Ella is such a big girl in that photo, doing a craft all by herself!

Christy said...

We love to craft with pasta too! What program did you use to make your collage? I love the way it looks.

Allison said...

Holly, thanks for the kudos on the collage! I have ALWAYS wanted to make my own wrapping paper (even pre-kids!) Great idea!

Teresa, PLEASE, look at the wonderful opportunities you have given your children--seems to me your whole family is based around unique, wholesome and creative approaches to life. THAT is a great gift!

Christy, I used Picasa for that collage. It has some neat functions that I am still learning how to play with.