Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet as Pie

What more can I say about this adorable pillowcase dress that my friend Flannery made for Ella? SWEET AS PIE!

I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky as to have this talented seamstress living right across the street from me, but boy it makes me smile! She is so talented, and this dress just makes me so happy. The Amy Butler fabric, the beautiful pink ribbon, such a simple idea and yet so exquisitely beautiful!

And Ella? I think she loves it! (But of course she had to pair an accessory with it first).

Want to know more about these whimsical dresses? Visit Flan's recent post at Three Sisterz, a blog that she and her sisters keep about their creative adventures!

Thanks Flannery!


Anonymous said...

Amy Butler has the prettiest fabrics. You are indeed lucky to have a friend who sews such lovely things! And it looks wonderful on Ella!

Molly Hammond said...

ella is adorable!

Jayne said...

What a princess she is and what a cute, cute little dress!

Allison said...

Thanks Teresa! There is a local fabric store here that I understand has some great Amy Butler fabric for a great price--I need to get over there for an upcoming project I have in mind!

Molly! Welcome!

Oh Jayne, she is a princess, for sure!

Holly said...

I love that fabric. It looks like the kind of thing that she can use as shirt when she gets bigger. What a cute idea to have a blog with her sisters:)

Anonymous said...

Now you've got my interest piqued about your new project!

Allison said...

Holly--later that day we went out for dinner and I didn't want her legs to be cold, so I just threw a little pair of jeans on her and she looked SO HIP AND CUTE!

Teresa-I am making fabric Easter eggs!