Monday, March 1, 2010

Ella is 18 Months

Since my girl is headed to her 18 month check up tomorrow, I thought I'd jot down a few thoughts.

I will need to be dragged kicking and screaming towards her 2nd birthday. I am just not ready for it. I love the little girl she is growing into, and I do still have some baby moments with her, but still. I AM NOT READY. (Thus the reason why I still warm her evening milk and hold her like a baby in my arms while she drinks it.)

She is a climber. I remember at James' first birthday party a guest asked my how it was possible that I didn't baby-proof my home. No gates, no padded coffee-table corners, no cabinet locks. We just didn't need them with him. Ella? A whole different story. My house is gated up to the max. Cabinet door locks? I've got 'em. Moved anything breakable out of reach? Yup. Will I have to move her to a toddler bed soon because she can just about climb out of her crib? Yup. She climbs on the table for goodness sake. No booster seats for her anymore. NO WAY.

My girl loves to dance, spin around, stomp her feet, sing, yell and overall make a commotion and have a great time doing it. Into everything, curious about everything, wants to play with anything that is not considered a toy. Plungers, toilet bowl scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, extension cords, mixer attachments, knitting needles, spatulas, remotes, cell phones, the list goes on and on. Toys just don't do it for her. Okay, maybe a ball now and then.

That said, she is SUCH a LADY. She almost always has a necklace on. Seriously. And where did she learn that? She almost always has a dress on, my doing, but that is because since she twirls so much, I need to see those little ballerina legs in action. She loves to brush her hair, coo at her dolls, hug everyone and say "awwww" while she is doing it. And of course, she is a flirt. She'll shoot any man the purtiest little coy smile and then slowly blink those big eyes to say "Yes, I am a looker, and I know it." And who gets that slow blink the most? Her Dad. I can't wait to see Chris in about 13 years. He better start steeling himself now.

And what is she saying? Mommy, Daddy, Ames (for her brother), K-I-T-T-T-Y, Mi-Mi for her Auntie Amy, wow, 'night-'night, uh-oh and hi. I know I will blink and the words coming out of her mouth will be "Can I have the car on Friday night." I am sure her Dad will say yes. Me? I'll just celebrate who she is at 16, and then go to that happy place in my heart where she blinks and says "M-o-m-m-e-e-e-e-e."


Under the Willow said...

She's beautiful!

I love your header picture of the bird in the tree ~ and your site name too!

Chris said...

Great post. I miss her!

Anonymous said...

What a great tribute - and such a great idea! You are a great mom! Lori

Allison said...

Under the Willow--thanks! My husband took the photo of the cardinal.

We'll be missing you extra much this week, babe.

Lori, thanks for stopping over, and thanks for the kudos!

Busy Bee Suz said...

So sweet...all those little milestones and great little tid bits to remember.
She is so cute and she will keep bringing you joy and laughter as she learns more.
Ballerina twirling is the best!!!

A New England Life said...

Ella is just so darned adorable! I love this age, it's where you wish they could stay for at least a year. And their little words ... SOOO cute!

Jayne said...

She is such a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

You are a wise, wise mom for wanting to hold on just a little bit longer. Back when the boys were that age, I felt so harried that I don't think I took the time to appreciate them enough. I'm happy I no longer have to change their diapers or baby-proof the house, but I do miss (terribly) their dear little baby faces and the ready smiles (at 12 and 14, I don't get those easy smiles very often). Big hugs for Ella!