Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Do Wee Ones Do When Visiting Grandpaw?

They feed the horses,

they visit with their Auntie Amy,

they bed down the stalls,

they run around in the fresh air,

they learn how to ride a bike,

and they make their Grandpaw smile,
and smile,


Liz said...

Dude - the horse in that first picture looks CRAZY!!! I hope you got James outta there quickly after you took the shot! :)
Ella is one of the best dressed baby girls I know - I love her little outfits.
Glad you are able to visit with your Dad so often - he must love having little kids around him again. :)

Allison said...

Liz, I knew someone would mention Honey's eye! Too funny. That is called a "human eye" in Horseland. The other one is the typical brown, doe eye. Thanks for the Kudos on Ella's outfits! My Dad purchased that red sweater for Ella from a group that supports crafting women in Haiti (before the earthquake), and it was $5. Can you believe that? What a shame.

Regina Colleen said...

I love seeing your dad happy. :D