Sunday, February 28, 2010

Songbirds, BEWARE!

You've not only captured my attention, but that of a Sharp-Shinned Hawk, as well!

Best lay low and be wary for the time being.

And Mr. Hawk, if you so much as lay a TALON on my beloved Cardinals, you will have me to deal with! (I am not a stranger to your cousin the Cooper's Hawk, having grown up raising chickens, and I know someone who will help me mightily convince you to move on.)


Kelly said...

Yeah!!! Fantastic photos. It's always exciting to see one of these fellows in the yard. I really like the first photo. I enlarged it and it's gorgeous!

Jayne said...

LOL... in that second shot, he looks as if he's weighing his odds against you!

TeresaR said...

Oh, I have a soft spot for birds of prey, so even though I know what you mean (and I've chased off a red-tailed hawk or three in my chickens' defense), I still can't hate them for catching/eating the littler birds. Buteos and accipiters have to families to feed too, you know? LOL!