Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sewing Valentine's Day Hearts

Thanks to my Bloggy friend Birgit over at A Primitive Country Bug, I have been dreaming of hearts, hearts, and more hearts since she put up this tutorial for a Valentine's Day Pillow. While I didn't use the pattern that she shared, I did make up my own with hers in mind! Now, thanks to Birgit, my husband is just about as nauseated as a man can get with seeing hearts appliqued on anything that isn't tied down!

These photos are just "Sneaky Peekys," as my other friend Kim would term them. Shhh . . . there are some gifts in here, so I can't give all of my secrets away! Stay tuned when I reveal them all after Valentine's Day!


Jayne said...

Can't believe it's already almost here! Cute hearts!!

Anonymous said...

My dh agrees with your dh...LOL! I think they're sweet, though. :)