Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Quick and Easy (and Sweet) Bag!

I made this sweet little bag last night. Isn't it adorable?

You can find the tutorial online here. I have linked to Tiny Happy in my blogroll for almost three years. Her eye for sweet, unusual and sentimental little pieces has always drawn me to her blog.

My sister came for a visit and she wanted to make a similar bag. She brought a pattern with her and the minute I pulled out the tissue paper pattern and the directions I was overwhelmed. I immediately knew where to look for a simple, uncluttered and eye-appealing tutorial.

We whipped up these bags in under two hours. There is even a little pocket inside. But the cherry on top? The button. Divine.

Thank you, Tiny Happy.


Jayne said...

Well, aren't you just the talented girl!! Vera vera cute indeed!

Kelly said... made this in two hours? My would take me two weeks. I'm not a good seamstress. When Matty goes off to college I'm going to learn. Rick gave me a sewing machine a few years ago because that's what I wanted, but I still don't get it. I'll have to drop over to the link you mentioned. It's so pretty. I love it!

Stephanie said...

I made one of these once for a gift and loved how it turned out. Thanks for reminding me! I love your fabrics.

TeresaR said...

Gosh, I've never been able to sew anything in less than 2 hours. Kudos to you! It's a gorgeous bag - makes me think of spring!

I love the ceramic button too; I'm going to start making those next after ceramic beads. :)

Allison said...

And I should add, as I am participating in the linky love over at Tea Rose Home, that we made my sister's first, and then mine, so essentially the bag is made in an hour. Yay!