Friday, February 12, 2010

Bathtime for Ella

I had a rare opportunity to snap some photos of Ella during her bath last night.
I am so glad I did--these baby times are fleeting.


Why yes, that's a plunger. Why do you ask? Tee hee.
Ella's newest game is a sort of "cleaning" of the bathroom floor--but with the plunger.


Auntie Amy said...

Love, love, LOVE that little girl. Can't wait to squeeze her and hug her and smother her in kisses! James too, of course, followed by Henry, Gino and my beloved Rocco.

Busy Bee Suz said...

Such sweet pictures capturing such a wonderful time in her/your life. I never ever regret taking lots of pictures from when the kids were young like that...I wish I had more.
You let her play with the plunger? So girls LOVED yard sticks and they broke everyoneofthem!
Happy Hearts Day!

Allison said...

Amy--we CAN'T WAIT to have you here!! Shady Glen, the Science Museum, some sewing projects--it'll be a blast!!

Happy Hearts Day to you too, Suz! (Okay, so she gets to play with it for like half a second, and she never gets to touch the icky part, LOL)

Jerolyn said...

OH MY GEORGE...she is a beauty. Katie is sitting here and asked who that was and when I told her she said "That's her daughter already?" TIME FLIES!!!

Jayne said...

Awww... beautifully preserved for eternity.

A New England Life said...

Those photos are so precious! How I wish I had a digital camera when my girls were little. I would have taken so many more photo's than I did!

Ella has such great character in her face. She just makes you want to giggle!


Garden Lily said...

What a little beauty - yes, treasure those times and treasure every moment with her!

I laughed at the little cupie doll curl - I thought it was only my mom who did that for most of my baby photos (some 40 years ago!).