Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanks Daddy

Hi Daddy,

I miss you! I've been really busy playing with the cars that you got for me when we were in Maine. ALL 75 OF THEM.

Some of them are really old, like you! I spend all day taking them out of the basket and looking at them one by one, and then lining them up. It is so much fun! Mommy says to tell you thanks too, because I bring her every car and say, "See cool truck Mommy? See red car Mommy? See nice airplane Mommy?"

I can't wait to see you tonight! I have a car show all ready for you!




Gini said...

Nice Car Show, James!!! Chris, get your a@@ home to your kids. Oh wait, I was thinking I needed my husband to get his a@@ home to his kids.........

Kim said...

That's a LOT of cars! He looks very proud of himself!

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is a lot of cars! It reminds me of my first son. He was obsessed with buying a new hot wheels every time we went to the store.

Redhead in Vegas said...

What fun! Love the pics.