Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Extra-Large Coloring Fun

I still have boxes that have not been unpacked. There is a good and a bad side to that: the bad is that I still have boxes to be unpacked. The good is that every so often when I say, "Where the heck is (my electric pencil sharpener, my carafe, the Monopoly game, my fabulous red bracelet . . .) I sometimes stumble on things that I totally forgot that we had.

Like the mural-sized Cars coloring papers!!!!!!!!

A little boy I know was SO TOTALLY EXCITED to see these this morning!!!!

Yes, he is definitely going to be left-handed. (I guess. I mean, I am still duct-taping his left arm to his side while he eats, but . . .) No, JUST KIDDING but I have considered it. Sort of.

And yes, those are oh my God I can't believe I put tighty-freaking whiteies on my son UNDERPANTS!!! (Target didn't have any more fun Cars underpants, but he still feels like a Big Boy anyway.)

A shout out to Auntie Gini, Uncle Bill and the kids for giving James these wall murals as part of a HUGE art supply birthday gift. The gift that keeps on giving, even 4 months after his birthday!


Gini said...

I still have boxes I am unpacking - you should know - that is never ending. I actually bought underwear for Garrin at H&M that are tighty-whitey like - they are adorable. I suppose I feel differently having had two baby boys in cartoon underwear!

Tara said...

Hey! What's wrong with lefties, huh? Huh??
I too still have boxes to be unpacked - and I moved LAST AUGUST.

Allison said...

I know, I know, you and Oprah!

Kim said...

Nice 'roos, James!!

Stephanie said...

WHAT. ever.

Isn't he younger than Ruby?!?

Good Lord, James, you're making me jealous.


p.s. their little bums are so cute in underwear, no?