Saturday, October 25, 2008

D & D Stands for . . .


We took a trip to D & D Market on Franklin Avenue
in Hartford's South End today.

The cheese case is a sight to behold.
And see all of the Pizelle cookies underneath it? YUM!

Mmm . . . can I have some proscuitto, please?

"Excuse me sir, may I have a large container
of stuffed cherry peppers?"

Maybe some dry-aged salami?

We just had to buy a bag of these anise biscuit cookies.

Oh, lordy me! Would you just LOOK at this ricotta?

These steaks are absolutely mouth-watering!

Uh, yeah, OK, I'd like to have one of these roasts
for Sunday dinner, please.

Anybody need some beans for their minestrone?
Or perhaps their pasta e fagioli?

Oh, did you say you needed some canned
tomatoes for that famous sauce you make?

Check out this entire aisle devoted just to PASTA!

After D & D we headed to Franklin Grinders.

James was getting a little deliriously hungry
while waiting for his Dad to get his lunch.

Here is a beef cutlet grinder, which I have
since renamed "Heaven on a Roll."

And here is a ham and cheese grinder--SCRUMPTIOUS!

Are you hungry yet?


Kim said...

Looks yummy! We're due for a trip to Franklin Ave....

Denise said...

Thats my kinda store!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Oh my!
My mouth is watering. What a great store.

Gini said...

Yeah, we are due for a trip too - oh wait, that would be a 6 hour, $400 flight now, wouldn't it?? Looks fantastic - all of it!

Jerolyn said...

You would think seeing all that food would be enough for me but noooo I can't see the ham and cheese grinder and I NEED to see the ham and cheese grinder!!!

Allison said...

Jer--you know, I have about HAD IT with blogger--I'll have to e-mail it to you, I guess!

springtreeroad said...

oh wow. i've never had a grinder before! looks yummers.

Liz said...

I have never been to Franklin Ave, but I have read this post 2 days in a row now.
I'm a NYer at heart, so good deli is very important and I have never found it in CT. Perhaps I need a lesson in Hartford. Perhaps this is where our "meeting" can be. We go in, grab lunch and get the F out of Hartford before we get shot.
You down?