Friday, October 24, 2008

Somebody Get this Kid a Rake!

My Mom sent James these great Jack-O-Lantern leaf bags to fill for Halloween. I thought it would be a fun thing to do yesterday afternoon. BUT--since we just moved here from Vegas, we don't have a rake! So, I had to improvise . . .

He did manage to "sweep" together a little pile, into which he immediately jumped! (Funny though, all the while he was singing "Clean, up, clean up!")

And a bonus picture of Ella. She is doing so well! Laughing, smiling, and cooing. She is also sleeping through the night YAY!!! We just moved her into her crib the other night (I was so sad) but she has taken to it well.

We plan to carve our pumpkins this weekend, so we will post pics later on for you to see!


Gini said...

We are going to get our pumpkins today - albeit from Walmart!!! But instead of carving this year we are doing this:

Kim said...

Send him our way....we've got rakes and a crapload of leaves!

Jerolyn said...

He is so stinkin' cute. You need to get that kid some yard supplies more his size so he can double the work in 1/2 the time!!

alice c said...

Good grief - did I blink? The last thing I knew you had given up blogging and now I check by and you have been writing all the time.

James has practically grown up - check out that little man and his brush. I must tell you that I have a very similar one of MasterM at the same age.

And Ella! Is it possible that she has become the most adorable baby in the Western World. I think so.

But then - she does have a very cute mom.

It is so good to know that you are still writing.