Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Puppy Diving

We were at Costco last weekend and I saw all of these kids with huge, floppy stuffed dogs in their carts! OF COURSE I wanted one for James, so we found the bin and he got to pick one out.

What has been so sweet is that everytime that he is tired, he starts to dive onto the puppy like he used to with our couch pillows. Then he rolls around and sighs a bunch. It is just too CUTE!

I have tried to document the whole process. First, the really tired and hysterical laughter begins.

Then the dive onto the puppy begins.

Going . . .
Going . . .
Here he is just being silly. He has been playing a lot with his feet lately.

And then Daddy came home!! YAY!!! This is a dark and blurry photo, but it EXACTLY captures the excitement when Daddy comes through the door.

Finally, here is a video of puppy diving. Enjoy!

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