Thursday, August 23, 2007

James is Growing Up

So, it has really been on my mind lately how fast James is growing up. A friend of mine had a baby about a month ago, and he was 5 lbs. I got to hold him soon after he was born, and he was so small; I found myself thinking that I could barely remember James as a newborn. Time just FLIES.

He is doing so many big boy things lately; he can get down from the couch by himself, he can get off of his ride on toys alone, he is starting to feed himself with utensils, and he is saying new things every day.
I think Chris and I are so amazed at what a genuinely happy, fun loving and sweet little boy he is. The simple delight that he takes in everyday things is constantly making us smile; like playing peek-a-boo with a dish cloth or diving into couch pillows and laughing hysterically.

I love how much he loves his Daddy, too. He looks at him so adoringly. I took this shot today while we were all having breakfast together. You can even see that he still has that great double chin that he had as a newborn.

And just to prove how fast he is growing, here is a picture of his latest trick; standing on the side of his playhouse. I don't know why, but I find this so amazing and slightly sad at the same time. He is really growing up fast. A little too fast for my taste.

I guess it is inevitable, though. As I am writing this, Chris is telling me that James is next to him in the living room, trying to pull himself up onto the couch. Enough already! Anybody know any good ways to stunt a child's growth????

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