Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peter Piper Pizza

On Sunday night we all went to Peter Piper Pizza, which is similar to a Chuckie Cheese. James had a blast, as did Garrin, Connor and Hannah.

They had a great Clifford the Big Red Dog ride that James just LOVED. Well, I guess it doesn’t really look like he loved it, but he did! He kept running back to it and trying to climb in it! I think he rode it 6 times.

Then of course it was time for pizza. YUM!!

Here is Hannah, getting ready for her role on next season's So You Think You Can Dance!!

And here she is giving some pointers to her Mom.

Connor and Garrin show James how to play the drums! (A mohawk helps with that "Rocker" attitude, right Connor?

Bill scores some prize tickets for Garrin.

Here is Daddy teaching James how to use the skee-ball game.

James loved this game, because he could reach the button all by HIMSELF!

Of course, after you win all of those tickets, you have to go up to the counter to browse all of the neat stuff and pick out your prize!

What a FUN time! Here's the best way to end a trip to Peter Piper Pizza--with a NAP!

ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . . . .

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