Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crocs and Babysitting

We had a really fun weekend! So much so that I will need to divide it into two posts.

Fist, James got a pair of Crocs! They are soooo cute! They are Mickey Mouse Crocs (our friend Andy will be VERY jealous!!) LOL

On Saturday night I babysat for Gini and Bill while they grabbed dinner out. Before we left Gini brought down some toys for James that Garrin isn't really intested in anymore . . . OR SO SHE THOUGHT!! The first toy is this little doorway that has a working mailbox, doorbell, and all sorts of fun things. Well, here are some pics--and Garrin looks pretty interested, doesn't he??

The other toy is a little zebra that bounces and rocks. Gini said that Garrin hasn't even looked at it recently--but OH NO, not after James got to ride it! Garrin hopped on, and I think he looks like great rodeo material, don't you??

Lastly, Garrin tried to give James some pointers on how fast to go on a ride-on car. Here is one of his lessons:

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